Experience some unique watercolor paintings featuring vivid colors and contrasts. View a collection of exceptional nature and wildlife photographs.


Ken is a talented watercolorist and nature and wild life photographer who resides in beautiful Colorado. With a passion for the true beauty and diversity of nature, Ken has been fortunate enough to travel extensively capturing stunning images from around the world.

 Ken believes that photography is a powerful medium for conservation and education, as it allows us to better appreciate and understand the natural world on a deeper level.


In his watercolor paintings, Ken strives to create dynamic color contrasts and detailed depictions of subjects ranging from flowers and tropical plants to birds, still lifes and landscapes.

With a love for experimentation, Ken is always trying out new techniques and tools to push the boundaries of his craft and capture the essence of his subjects.

Ken’s watercolor paintings are influenced by the famous botanical illustrator Margaret Mee and the impressionist painters.

His works have been in many juried shows and received multiple awards. His photography has been featured in Outdoor Photography.

As a watercolorist, I like to use a primary colors and multiple washes to create dynamic color contrasts. I then add detail to hopefully get the feeling of the image. I often do a series of paintings on a given subject such as tropical plants, birds, mountains, landscapes, trees, flowers and still lives. My works have been in juried shows in Pennsylvania and Colorado and have received several awards.

When I first started watercolor painting, I realized that pastel washes were not for me. I have taken classes in botanic illustration and I apply this detail to my paintings. I am influenced by Margaret Mee, one of the great botanical illustrators of recent times. I am also influenced by the impressionist painters, because of their colors and contrast.
My works, both watercolor and photography have been in many shows and won several awards. My photography has been featured in Outdoor Photographer.
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